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Sheep Shearing at Shelia’s

Round 'Em Up!

Round ‘Em Up!

On Friday Shelia had scheduled a shearer to come and clean up her rams and ewes. She kindly hosted an event with friends and children attending. I have never seen this in person and it was fascinating to this city-raised gal. When I arrived, I began with a tour of her farm, met the beautiful chickens and the ewes who had been rounded up and segregated. My friends and I wandered out to the pasture to see her cows and yaks. The yaks are so pretty and have huge, bushy tails. There was a kitty named Loki who looked just like our family cat, Boo, who had passed away recently.

The shearer arrived and began her work. I learned that the sheep must sit on their bums to make them compliant. Getting in that position begins with bending their necks so they lie down. It was a surprise to me that sheep are some of the most flexible animals I’ve ever seen in my life! They all popped right back up at the end of the shearing. A big thank-you to Shelia and her family for inviting us and letting me photograph the first step in creating the wool with which we love to knit!

A photo gallery can be found under Projects, entitled Sheep Shearing of course!

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