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NOLA, I’m here!


Lafayette Cemetery #1

Today I trekked further southward to New Orleans. The drive from Natchitoches took almost no time (well, comparatively speaking) and was really interesting. I had heard of the Atchafalaya Basin before but didn’t realize how HUGE it is! It’s literally a million acres and stretches 140 miles! When you cross it on I-10, you drive on a raised highway for miles…and miles…and miles. I love swamps so it was a very cool experience for me (other than the messed up drivers).

It’s easy to tell when you hit Nawlens. The traffic sux. It’s like Tacoma driving—80mph bumper-to-bumper. Once off the interstate it was just as crazy but slower. The Lonely Planet guidebook says the residents use the stop signs as suggestions, and it wasn’t kidding. I almost got t-boned by a Cadillac in my first 10 minutes here. My home here is totally funky and I’ll post on that later. I drove around and basically got lost to get to know the city. I ended up in the Lower 9th where Katrina wiped everyone out. I saw the new levee and I have to say if that’s all that’s keeping out Lake Pontchartrain, I’d be a-moving out fast. It’s seriously scary when you see it in real life.

I have a Wednesday breakfast meeting with one of my former teachers at AAU who works as a documentary photographer for National Geographic. Her name is Kris Davidson and here’s her website. Do you think I’m looking forward to it? You betcha!

So, more tomorrow. Lafayette Cemetery closes at 2:30pm (????) so I’ll have to go back tomorrow for more pics. Laissez les bon temps roulez!

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