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Moab, UT

IMG_1109Into Moab

I swear, here and now, that I will never drive through Idaho again. It was sooooo booooooring.

It was a 9.5 hour drive today, the longest of the trip. But once I got into the red rock country of Utah I was energized. It’s so amazingly beautiful to me. I have 100s of miles planned on the back roads, scenic highways, off the interstates. When I stopped for gas in Price, UT, the attendant told me the Jeep rally was this weekend in Moab. Eeks! Well, there are a ton of Jeeps in town, for sure. But there are also a ton of bicycles which is cool. This is definitely a tourist town. There are too many crappy restaurants on the strip. I was kind of surprised to see that, but I suppose it was to be expected.

Strangely I have no desire to take photos. I think I’ll feel differently in Santa Fe when I have a few days to actually see the place. Time for rest.

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