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Kuna, Idaho

Not exactly the destination of choice for many, but thanks to, this is where I’ve landed for my first night. 10 miles from the interstate in horse country, I drove up to a new, large, empty house out on the prairie. A phone call later, I got a tour of my huge bedroom and huge private bath and was invited to my first Passover Seder. So, Cheryl (my hostess) and I walked down the road to her neighbor’s house. There I ate Passover dinner with the neighbor (a Christian), Cheryl and her husband (agnostic), a friend (Christian), a Mormon minister and his wife.

The food was great and I was so thankful to have a wonderful dinner with friendly people in the middle of nowhere! But my friends and family know what it took for me to keep my mouth shut when theology became the topic of conversation. You all would have been proud of me. So now I’m going to watch a movie on my laptop while I work on my knitting which has been ignored during Josie’s graduation, packing and moving.

I have no photos of Kuna yet. The one above is from my current project called “Turn Around.” It’s about the details we get distracted by, and what we’re missing by not opening our eyes…or turning around. Tomorrow it’s off to Moab, UT!

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  1. Have a nice holiday.

    March 24, 2013
  2. sweetpea4414 #

    FYI, Mormons don’t have ministers, they have Bishops… 😉

    April 1, 2013
    • Thank you, friend, for correcting me. Shows how much I know 🙂

      April 1, 2013
      • sweetpea4414 #

        Meh… you’re not missing out (hehe)

        April 4, 2013

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