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Watercolor or Photo?

South of Carlsbad, ©2002 Noe


One effect of using a plastic camera is the fuzzy focus. It’s usually not this fuzzy but this was taken using the original 60s Diana, light leak and all. My new Holga creates much sharper images which you will see below. The effect of this plastic lens is a dreamy feel—more emotional and less analytical. It doesn’t represent reality, it interprets reality into my vision of a surreal location. Unfamiliar and a bit frightening and lonely. The darker hues add to the mystery and unease.

Of course you can see the difference in the cactus photo below. Again a plastic lens but a much sharper one. That’s the Holga. This will never be mistaken for a digital image and it’s not meant to be. It’s still a bit dreamy but easier to relate to, because it’s closer to reality than the road pic above. I have a feeling I’ll be giving my digital camera a rest for a while.

Cactus, ©2002 Noe

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