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Vacation Day!

Tyler, 8″x10″, Feb 2012

Today I get out of town and travel northwest to Lake Marion. This will be a challenge for me because I’ve set myself the goal of photographing my family. I rarely shoot people. Not because I don’t want to but because it’s the hardest subject for me to analyze. I get lost in my emotional response. Tyler’s image above is one of the good ones. There’s action, tension and psychic line. The psychic line is the imaginary line we draw in our minds when we follow another person’s gaze. It’s a powerful tool in portraiture, rarely used in studio portraits. We’ll see what happens!


Loss, 10″x8″, May 2012

Obviously this is an image of a sunflower as it is dying. The concept is based on symbolism—I assume that you will associate this withered sunflower with loss in a human. That may seem obvious but when you think about it there are many factors that can block this simple idea. Cultural differences are potentially the biggest hurdle. To us, the bright yellow of a sunflower symbolizes optimism, enlightenment, and happiness. “Yellow signifies “sadness” in Greece’s culture and “jealousy” in France’s culture”. 1 Here, in the U.S. we see the withered sunflower and understand it means loss of happiness, etc.

The lines on the petals  are one of the most basic formal elements in image making of any kind. Every type of line is a gesture. And the selective focus means that your eye is immediately drawn to that part of the image first. Yes, our brains do prefer focus over blur. Finally, the detail of the petals—their curves and curled edges—further emphasize the concept.


Only the beginning

Cypress trees, Cypress Gardens, 10×8 , May 2012

Today I purchased the domain of leslienoephotography. Yes, it’s a lot of letters to type and I debated endlessly about that. In the end, I decided my name was the only option and any shortened versions of photography were too informal. This is serious stuff. Well, mostly. This is what I intend to make a living at: fine art photography. With that said, I will post my first real page later today, once I get my cypress trees in a row.